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The school programme is:

Lecturers & practical session support 

Interferometry Theory I and II, David Buscher
Exercises on visibilities models and UV coverage: Gilles DuvertGuillaume MellaLaurent Bourgès
ASPRO visibility models, observability & calibrators: Gilles DuvertGuillaume MellaLaurent Bourgès 
Model fitting (introduction & practical session): Eric Thiebaut, Isabelle Tallon-Bosc, Michel Tallon
Image reconstruction (introduction & practical session): Eric ThiebautJoel SanchezJohn YoungMichel Tallon
The VLTI, Antoine Merand
The MATISSE instrument, Alexis Matter
The GRAVITY instrument, Oliver Pfuhl
Introduction to GRAVITY SNR, Oliver PfuhlPaulo Garcia
GRAVITY pipeline, Oliver PfuhlGilles Duvert
VLTI Operations, Andres Pino
Observation preparation, Claudia Paladini

Student talks

Spectro-Interferometric Signatures of the Broad Line Regions in Active Galactic Nuclei, Raphael Stock
A detection of Sgr A* in the far infra-red, Sebastiano von Fellenberg

NIR interferometry observations of protoplanetary disks - constraining the position, width and composition of the inner disk rim, Lucia Klarmann

School materials

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