Working groups

The astrophysical working groups are aimed at defining the European vision and strategy for interferometry in the ALMA/ELT era. They are divided in two short term groups that will support approved ESO 2nd generation instrumentation science case definition. The scientific areas are those where the VLTI is expected to have the largest impact. The groups will review the referred specific areas and put the 2nd generation VLTI instrumentation in context with available and planned facilities and instrumentation, exploiting synergies and complementarities. These groups will by design include experts from outside the consortia, in order to build an open and participative science vision for the near future of the VLTI.

During the 2013-2016 period the following working group was funded by WP14 OPTICON/FP7 II (grant number 312430):
During the 2009-2012 period the following working groups were funded by WP11.2 of OPTICON/FP7 (grant number 226604):