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AGNs and the galactic center

This working group was active during OPTICON/FP7 (2009-2012, contract nº 226604).

Alessandro Marconi (chair), Stefan Gillessen (deputy).

One of the aims of the European Interferometry Initiative is to define a European vision and strategy for optical interferometry in the ALMA/E-ELT era. In particular, the "AGNs and the Galactic Center" working group will provide a review of the current state of the art in these fields to put 2nd generation VLTI instrumentation in context with available and planned facilities and instrumentation, exploiting synergies and complementarities.

This group includes experts from outside the existant consortia, in order to build an open and participative science vision for the near future of the VLTI. In practice the goal of this working group is to prepare a workshop in which group members will review the state of the art of their field of expertise and present future prospects. The workshop was held in Lisbon (Portugal) on November 28-30, 2011.

The workshop conclusions are available. 

November 28 

14:00 Opening Remarks Paulo Garcia
14:15 Talk (40+15) “Supermassive black holes & the broad line region in AGNLaura Ferrarese
15:10 Talk (40+15) “The dusty torus and the AGN unified modelMoshe Elitzur
16:05 Coffee break
16:40 Talk (40+15) “Science from VLT (AO observations)Ric Davies
17:35 Talk (40+15) “Highlights from Optical Interferometry (recent AGN/GC VLT-I & Keck-I science)Klaus Meisenheimer
18:30 End of day

November 29

09:30 Talk (40+15) “The Galactic centerFrank Eisenhauer
10:25 Coffee Break
11:10 Talk (40+15) “PRIMA science” Francoise Delplancke
12:05 Talk (40+15) “GRAVITY scienceThibaut Paumard
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Talk (40+15) “MATISSE scienceBruno Lopez
15:55 Talk (40+15) “Future VLT instruments” Mark Casali
16:50 Coffee break
17:35 Talk (40+15) “E-ELT” Roberto Gilmozzi
18:30 End of day

November 30

09:30 Talk (40+15) “ALMARoberto Maiolino
10:25 Talk (40+15) “JWSTRoberto Maiolino
11:20 Coffee Break
12:05 Talk (40+15) “Submm VLBI” Part-I and Part II  Heino Falcke
13:00 Discussion and concluding remarks Alessandro Marconi & Stefan Gillessen
13:30 End of workshop